Book – A Good Masonic Year – A Mason’s Journal


A Good Masonic Year: A Mason’s Journal (Book)

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A strong Masonic year requires that a mason make a daily investment in his lodge, in himself and in the world. This journal is to inspire and aid the recollection of a strong Masonic Year

  • This journal is for daily acknowledging your Masonic duties and commitments.
  • This Journal is for scheduling your Masonic commitments so your yes will be yes and your no will be no.

A masonic life must be examined and improved upon as you strive to go from a rough stone to a perfect ashlar

  • A portion of your effort for the service of God and a Worthy Brother.
  • A portion of your effort for your usual vocation
  • A portion of your effort for refreshment and sleep

This Journal is designed to be:

*** A gift for the newly made Mason

*** An investment for the Mason continuing his journey


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